After acting on Broadway in WARP!, after designing quilts and handbags for a DOMINO PATCHWORKS in NYC company, and with only her final project to do before getting her Master’s in sculpture and painting, Jane Fire took her college studies on the “de-materialism of the art object“ to heart, stopped making material art and became a drummer. She and friend  Susan Springfield started The Erasers, played drums with them and with other bands at CBGB’s, Max’s, etc. in NY and on the East Coast, recorded for Ork Records, sang back-up for Red Krayola in London, was in movies by Jim Jarmusch and Amos Poe, played Jane in BIRTH OF A POET at the Public Theater, acted in Taylor Meade’s THE SWAMP on cable, among other things. In time, her art re-materialized as hand-painted items for the home that her company Firefly sold at stores such as Henri Bendel’s. Images and the content became her focus , function was abandoned and returned to painting but now on the computer which is where she paints today.

The Internet is also integral to her work. providing the primary source research materials that are the catalysts behind the ideas and imagery and so she can combine her interest in science and art in the paintings she makes on the computer. The Perfect Mate,for example, is a series about how butterflies and humans use similar criteria when choosing a partner.  This series was part of To Be Continued, the Public Art project she was awarded and that was a finalist in Art in America’s “Best Public Art Exhibit – 2005.” 

Most recently, she has exhibited in New York City, Boston, Miami and the Hamptons and been written about in The New York Times, NY Post, The Village Voice among others.